We are the innovation area of KIO Networks. Since 2017 we take advantage of exponential technologies to generate innovation.

What is Alchemy Labs?


We are the innovation team of Kio Networks, since 2017 reinventing reality and improving processes with the use of technology.
Now we offer all our knowledge and experience at your disposal, either improving the productivity of your company or making your idea come true. We believe that together we can generate a positive change that strengthens the digital ecosystem and improves the lives of people in Mexico, Latin America and the world.

Equipo Alchemy

The Alchemy team is formed by professional specialists in various exponential technologies such as AI, BlockChain, IoT (Internet of Things), Data Science, among others. We also have the knowledge and skills in agile and design methodologies.


We can help you…

Evaluating the maturity of the value proposition to your venture in the “N” key dimensions.

Success stories

We love learning by experimenting, venturing out and taking challenges like breakfast, here are some, remember that this is just the base or the engine of multiple applications, this is where you have to blow your head and find out how these tools can Revolutionize your industry.

Face Recognition

Cada día, las exigencias en sistemas de seguridad son mayores y, dentro de las ventajas del reconocimiento facial, está el uso de un rasgo característico de las personas que es realmente complicado de imitar

Face Recognition


Seguimiento y transparencia. Ahora puedes dar seguimiento puntual a tu dinero o ver de donde vienen los productos que utilizas.



Es una estructura de datos de información agrupada en bloques aplicando técnicas criptográficas, la información contenida en un bloque solo puede ser repudiada o editada modificando todos los bloques posteriores.

Computer Vision

La visión artificial es una de las dos áreas que más me gustan en la inteligencia artificial, hacer que las maquinas imiten el sistema de visión humano, y si lo combinamos con el machine learning podemos hacer que tomen incluso mejores decisiones que los simples humanos.

Computer Vision

Las nuevas tendencias de reparto apuntan a que la mensajería del futuro se llamará drone delivery y, por lo tanto, eso significa que ya no llegará en bicicleta, ni en moto, ni en furgoneta.

Drone Delivery


We are the ones who seek to trigger ideas that reinvent reality, the challenges are our fuel and our strength comes from effectively combining our talents.
These are some areas and technologies that together, as a multidisciplinary team, we can offer you.

Knowledge of new technologies such as:

  • Artificial Inteligence (AI)
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (Iot)
  • Robotic
  • Drones
  • Smart Cities
  • Interoperability (X-Road)

En Alchemy Labs

We think, design and innovate, these being the pillars of the Alchemy team, using disruptive technologies that allow us to move towards the future. Because the future is today and now!

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