1 October, 2021

¿Por qué Python es tan popular en 2021?

¡Python es el tercer lenguaje de programación más popular del año 2021! Así lo dice la famosa encuesta anual del sitio Stackoverflow.  Python, con un porcentaje de popularidad de 48.24%, se encuentra tan solo después de Javascript y HTML/CSS, los cuales tienen 64.96% y 56.07%, respectivamente. Javascript es el rey del baile con nueve años seguidos en la primera posición, explicado claramente por la actualidad del desarrollo de aplicaciones; en cuanto a HTML/CSS, podríamos esperar que siempre esté a un lado o muy próximo a Javascript por su relación tan estrecha en el desarrollo web. Si bien, Javascript y HTML […]
3 May, 2021

Innovation Awareness

Taking a look at the challenges that this decade brought to us, we decided to gather in only one place all the relevant concepts, tools and methodologies for innovation. This course has the goal of bringing knowledge and techniques that will help you to implement innovation projects at any organization. You will find mechanisms to solve problems with a tested structure. We will feed your curiosity for new information and encourage your learning about methodologies that can make you capable of making an analysis of your obstacles. You will be able to define a basic strategy for any project and […]
3 May, 2021

Design Sprint

To get started, let’s ask a few questions: Have you ever had a great idea that appears out of the blue in an everyday moment? Did you take note? No? Did you forget it after 5 minutes? What is the longest period that has taken you to find a first approach to a problem’s solution? Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky & Braden Kowitz have an excellent approach for everyone of us. In their book, “Sprint – how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days”, they propose the use of a methodology called “Design Sprint”, which consists […]
21 January, 2021

For you, is Innovation the same as Creativity?

If we consult the experts, we will find in RAE or the internet many definitions, according to my query they could seem the same: Royal Spanish Academy Innovation. Creation or modification of a product, and its introduction in a market. Creativity. Faculty to create. Creation capacity. But let’s leave the Academy alone for this moment and read what our manager of the Innovation area at KIO Networks tells us: Bernardo González, Innovation Director at KIO Networks (TECNÓFAGOS Episodio 2/Spotify): Innovation is not inventing a rocket to the moon, but innovation is finding where there is a problem and a better […]
21 January, 2021

The Home Office (HO) and some of its implications

It is undeniable that we are extremely connected with all kinds of electronic / technological devices, many of us may want to return, however and considering the points that we touch next we will do it in a different way, with the highest percentage of collaborators working from home, with The consequent need to adapt them to technology for daily work, since now productivity does not depend on a boss who supervises you, now it is through platforms that help measure results, KPI's and efficient times.